HT-B2 / K2 Combi pruning machine.
ball shape trimming
ball shape trimming
HT-B2 with potclamp.
HT-B2 ball shape trimmer.
HT-K2 conus shape trimmer.
Bladeset ball diameter:
20 cm, 25 cm, 30 cm, 35 cm, 40 and 45cm.
Bolvorm knipmachine HT-B3
Bolvorm snoeimachine automaat
Conus knipper
Product overview.
Movies overview.
The objective of this pruning machine: 
Trimming of ball or conus shape of potplants or field plants.
The blade sets are mounted with
4x m5 bolts to the shaftblock.
The easiest machine to handle.

With four extension legs and a conus
trimming unit K2
, bolted to the shaftblock, a conus of 100 cm. height can be obtained.
The capacity is depending of the gashandle
Cyclus time: 6 - 7 sec.
Capacity:     7 - 6 pcs/min.

The frame is relative small but adjustable
in height and with, riding widht  40 - 60 cm.
The driver is a Honda 4 stroke motor.
Central lubrication by means of a
lubrication pot (olive oil).
The trimming blades are solid and
hardened and can be resharpened
if required.
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