HT-B7  Mobile trim automat.
HT-B7 hydraulic trimmer is developed as multi purpose automatic trimmer for potplants, using a trim-mast with 3 trimunits and a round transport-disk with containers to carry potplants of various sizes:
1 ltr (13 cm) up to 5 ltr (23 cm).

Various shapes:
ball shape:        d 15 - d 20 - d 25 - d 30 cm.
conus shape:    h 40 - h 80 cm.
cylinder shape: d 20 - d 30 cm.

High capacity:
2 potplants (small) in 13 seconds
2 potplants (large) in 18 seconds.
Automatic Mobile Trimming Machine.
The automatic trimmer HT-B7 can be supplied with:
1 cutting head   HT-B7-1b
2 cutting heads  HT-B7-2b
3 cutting heads  HT-B7-3b
HT-B7 a small mobile trim automat with one or more (1 or 3) trimunits for simultaneous trimming of more forms to the plant.
Bolvorm knipmachine HT-B3
Bolvorm snoeimachine automaat
Conus knipper
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Machine with 2 trimmers.
Complete with safety shield.
Machine with 2 trimmers.
Machine with 2 trimmers.
Only the "complete Picture" shows the safety shields. The other are shown without, for a better view of the machine and trimmers.