HT-B9  Double Automatic mobile trimmer.
The objective is ballshape pruning of shrubs in containers.
The machine will be manual charged and discharged with potplants.
A special conveying system transports centers and holds the pots always in the right trimming position.
The machine can be provided with one or two trimmer units.
With double trimmer system the actual capacity is 1000 plants per hour.

The conveying deck is low (50 cm.) and long (230 cm.) and smooth and wear-resistant.
The drive width is 70 cm. only. The height of the A frame is adjustable.

The control panel is direct aside of the A frame. The Honda motor and 12V accu as well as all hydraulics are mounted below the deck.
A simple steering system is incorporated.
Bolvorm knipmachine HT-B3
Bolvorm snoeimachine automaat
Conus knipper
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The ball blades are standard sizes 20 - 25 - 30 - 35 - 40 cm.
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