HT-R  Rootlump  cutter.
The objective of this machine is the semi cutting of rootlumps and lifting of the shrub into the netting or potting device.
The u-shaped soil cutting blade makes is producing a half egg shape lump, with a height larger than the diameter of the lump.
A lifting crane grabs the lower stem of the shrub and moves the lump into the netting or potting device.
The netted shrub shall be put aside of the machine manually.
The control system of the HT-R is all hydraulic with electronic controllers.
The capacity is:
Rootlump cutting only cyclus time is 10 sec.
Addition netting cyclus time is 10 sec.
Total cyclus time is 20 sec.
The diameter of the lump is according the blade size: 20-25-30 and 33 cm.

In stead of the netting machine, a potmachine can be installed.
Bolvorm knipmachine HT-B3
Bolvorm snoeimachine automaat
Conus knipper
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