About Hoftech

User-friendly trimming and pruning machines of the highest quality, to be used for various trimming and pruning tasks in the horticulture sector. That is what Hoftech stands for. Hoftech was established in 2001, and since then it has grown to become a renowned party in the development, production and maintenance of trimming and pruning machines. As a specialist in trimming and pruning machines we are active all over the world.

Hoftech offers tree nurseries, plant breeders and horticulturist specialist machines for specific applications. In addition to the production of the machines that are part of our standard range, we have a strong focus on the innovation of our machines; it’s the only way in which we can continue to offer our customer the best quality.

From our workshop in Lichtenvoorde we handle the production and technical maintenance of the machines. It is also where we develop custom trimming machines and parts, if so desired. Therefore you can rely on Hoftech for the entire process: from advice and purchase to maintenance and innovation of the trimming machines.